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- Description: Annamarie Gulino Gentile has extensive experience in family law cases, personal injury cases & elder care law. Contact Akglaw for more information on elder care attorneys, family law attorneys, estate planning attorneys & personal injury attorn
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1. | May 30, 2014
Jannace. Disability and SSI are two different and indnpendeet programs. A person can be on both. You may be thinking of Medicare. A person has to be on Disability for 2 years before they can qualify for Medicare. A person could then be on all three programs. SSI (also known as Medicaid) is for the poor . You must have less then $2,000 in resources, not counting your house and car. Disability is a Social Security program but for those that enough work history to get that benefit which is basically early Social Security retirement benefits. Medicare is health insurance for those over 65 or those that have been disabled for 2 years. Does that make sense?